dec. 4 - 00.01 am

hope you like the new design!?!?!

the beginning of the next year i will make a big compilation for free download (brutal/slam death, gore/porngrind)... ...all bands wqho think "great" write something to me!!!


may. 19 - 12:00 pm

Anal Carnage - Live In "El Refugio" is out and up now for free download!!!


apr. 14 - 10:57 pm

one new Gore Grind band is up now...

...Goregasmatron signed to the GxNx


mar. 23 - 08:43 pm

Necrotizing Fasciitis signed to the GxNx...

and their first 2 demos

"Demo 1" and "Demo 2" are up now for free download!!


mar. 16 - 9:30 am

new gigs with Meningococcemia Fecal are up now


mar. 11 - 11:31 pm

first flyer for the netlabel are up now...

to see this gret shit click here


mar.06 - 3:04 am

We Are A Terrible Person signed to goreruption and there demo from 2010 is up now for free download


feb.26 - 4:16 pm

55´s new single is out now "As Shit Gets frozen In The Toilet 55 Arises From The Dead More Intoxicated Than Ever Coming Back To Rape And Violate Your Precious Land Of Harmony...Shitfaced!!! (single)" for free download click -> here


feb.6 - 6:51 pm

promotion video to Gory Porno Party 11-Way Split is up now on youtube and here on this page!!!

youtube link:


feb.4 - 8:19 pm

1. there is a new split with Cum Book, Ulcus Ventriculi and Bitch Infection out now!!!
the only way to becum this great split is... must pay...but not here, this netlabel is for free ;)
to buy click here, its the page from Fecal Junk Records from germany!!
i don´t no how much you must pay for it (i think 10 euro)
for more details send a mail to rubber doll grinder (vokillist from Cum Book) -> Cum Book


2. the tribute to anal infections is up now for free download


jan.12 - 4:41 pm


new gigs with Meningococcemia Fecal are posted


jan.11 - 7:37 pm


Mangled Condition signed to the goreruption netlabel and 3 new cd´s

"Massacre At The Bikini Bottom - Dismembered (EP)"

"Massacre At The Bikini Bottom - Promo 2009"

"Mangled Condition - Demo 2009"

ur up now for free download