dec. 29 - 11:34 pm

Acquired Syphilis signed to the goreruption netlabel and new cd "Acquired Syphilis - Syphilis By Ass Penetration" is out now for free download


dec. 15 - 5:57 pm

Gory Porno Party 11-Way Split is out now for free download!!!


dec. 11 - 10:56 am

Trailerpark Incest and Clitogusano Espermatide signed to the goreruption netlabel and 2 new cds

"Trailerpark Incest - Demo" and

"Clitogusano Espermatide - Bombas, Drogas Y Anorexia"

are up for free download


dec. 11 - 1:27 am

new cd "Massacre At The Bikini Bottom - Mr. Crabs Chainsaw" is up now for free download


dec. 8 - 12:26 am

Massacre At The Bikini Bottom signed to the goreruption netlabel


dec. 4 - 11:11 pm

i work with Aquired Syphilis on their new 20 song release (out 2010 for free download)


nov. 27 - 11:52 am

new split "Vaginal Cadaver / Puniphile - Guro Gangbang" is up now for free download


nov. 27 - 11:03 am

two new gig dates posted with Whoreruption for 4. dec and 18. dec 2009


nov. 25 - 8:42 pm

first Goreruption Netlabel split "GORY PORNO PARTY 11-WAY SPLIT" out in decembre 2009 for free download

bands on this split are:

Apokalypse Kriegsflotte

Total Female Destruction

Cum Book

Vulgar Displays Of Perversion


Vaginal Cadaver





Anal Carnage


nov. 25 - 8:40 pm

Enema Shower signed to the goreruption netlabel and one new song "Enema Shower - Emo Facerape" is up no


nov. 24 - 10:07 am

Anal Carnage signed to goreruption netlabel


nov. 20 - 0:44 am

song "Letrina - Natural Copro Girls" is up, new cd "Letrina - Real Shitisfaction" is up for free download and gig from Letrina for dec. 6.2009 is posted now


nov. 20 - 0:15 am

Letrina signed to Goreruption Netlabel


nov. 19 - 11:35 pm

split with Vaginal Cadaver and Anal Carnage "2 Ways Of Sadistic Intents" for free download and vid of Vaginal Cadaver is up now


nov. 18 - 8:58 am

Disembodiment signed to Goreruption and one gig of them is posted now for dec. 19.2009


nov. 17 - 9:07 pm

new cd

"Apokalypse Kriegsflotte - Härte Demo"

for FREE DOWNLOAD and two new songs

"Whoreruption - Queen Deepthroat ll"


"Apokalypse Kriegsflotte - Zwei Mädchen, eine Tasse"

in the player up now


nov. 17 - 11:28 am

vids of Total Female Destruction, Cum Book, Meningococcemia Fecal and Anal Castration posted


nov. 17 - 11:03 am

new gig posted with whoreruption


nov. 10 - 8:34 am

Apokalypse Kriegsflotte signed to Goreruption Netlabel