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Welcome to the page of the GORERUPTION NETLABEL!!!


stay slam, brutal and tuned!!











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NEWS 2013

Jul. 29 - 06:31 pm

its done..."slamming brutality session vol. 2" is out now for free download!!!


Mar. 02 - 06:47 am

1st, what do you think...should i do a profile for my goreruption netlabel?? 2nd, if my netlabel get the first 1000 likes, we have some awesome ltd. shit for you (i do not tell you what is it, but you will like it...) ;) http://facebook.com/goreruption.netlabel


Feb. 22 - 02:31 pm

we are proud for promoting a new awesome slamming brutal death metal band from mexico.

scrotoctomy is a 5 man slam crew (carlos - guitar, naty - drums, omyzida - vocals, carlitos - bass and sam - guitar) which was formed in 2012 in monterrey, nuevo león, mexico.

you can download their first demo for free here www.mediafire.com/?4d3tvs3vs8cd3wt&


Feb. 08 - 02:19 am

here some news for you...

ive found a new member and promoter for this label (Nils BrutalSlammer) he made the awesome and new gxnx artwork (franky) (jap, i call this nice lil guy franky :) ....this means, we can do a better work together...better for fans and bands, cuz more promotion etc.

we have only one more free place for the slamming brutality session vol. 3 in decembre...if youre interested, be the first one who write a mail...vol. 2 is out in june.

now we support the sner art works . if you are interested to get your own logo or cover artwork etc. click the link or write a mail to nils.

for more awesome news...stay tuned and slam da fuck up guys!!!


Feb. 05 - 07:31 am

here some news for you...

how you can see, the page is new (new artworks, etc.) now its easier to find and click for download the sounds or visit the band web pages.

im proud to tell you...im not alone anymore...now with a new member (nils brutalslammer (sner art works and beside the human aggression))...this means...a better and faster work for you ;) and many many more...

you will see all the new shit if you click around the page.

gigs are under construction cuz i need the gig dates from the bands..

stay slam and tuned!!


Jan. 15 - 10:58 pm

awesome news...

the slamming brutality session vol. 2 is full with 7 great bands and cums out in june.

bands are:

defleshed and gutted


incinerated flesh



disfigurement of flesh

infinite torment

bands needed for the vol. 3 in decembre.

stay tuned!!


Jan. 03 - 05:27 pm

promotion vid for the slamming brutality session vol. 1 is online now!!



Jan. 02 - 09:07 pm

Slamming Brutality Session Vol. 1 is out now for free download!!!

7 awesome bands and a complete booklet with cover: Vomit Disease (germany), Genital Mutilation (germany), Vulvectomy (italy), Gutrectomy (germany), Nephrectomy (russia/usa), Gore Instinct (indonesia), Incivility Regurgitated (italy)!!!


Jan. 01 - 0:05 am

heavy new year!!!

and... ...with the new year i will give you a good start with an awesome split!!

slamming brutality session vol. 1 is out tomorrow!